Flexions - Golden Fjord LP or CD

Image of Flexions - Golden Fjord LP or CD


This record incorporates everything from atmospheric, vibed-out noir instrumentals to concise, discreetly anti-pop jams. Dark but dance-able, Golden Fjord derives much of its muscular pleasure from the melding of digital and organic elements, the marriage of decelerated disco beats and tight, studio-focused instrumentation. Culling from dub, classic rock, and Grace Jones’ forward-thinking post-disco, Flexions are truly one-of-a-kind—one of the most radiant and unique bands to have bubbled up from Seattle’s punk underground.

Limited Edition 300 LP

Sample the song "Magnetically Encoded" below

Side A:

1. Cut Claws
2. Her War
3. Seething Mass
4. Magnetically encoded
5. Somnambulist

Side B:

6. R & D
7. Golden Fjord
8. Half Pint Shuffle
9. Real Shallow
10. Late Entry
11. Wednesday